Ceiling Fan with higher rpm can throw less air. Longer Down Rod is one solution.

Down Rod is the rod connecting fan to the ceiling.  Length of this rod has been reduced by fan manufacturers.

Space between blades and ceiling is reduced.  With reduced space, less air available.

With less air available, fan blades pull less air.  Thus fan ventilates less air in the room.


What’s wrong?

Fan manufacturers increased the rotation per minute for the fans and reduced the length of down rod.

Such fans take more power, means electricity, and throw less air.


Refer Recommended Down Rod Length


Source: http://g2art.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/10/2013/05/downrod_chart.png


Line of action:

Refer the recommended down rod length needed for fan.

Check the ceiling height of the room. Check the down rod length.

In case, down rod length is less.  Call electrician for replacing down rod.

Length for new down rod should match to recommended down rod length.

Get better ventilation in the room.



This will help realize the full benefit from fan. In some cases, buying new AC may also be avoidable.


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