Design Time Machine that takes the world into future


Designing a technology or a system that takes the world into the future…


To make technology or a system that saves  time or lot of time

and so whatever time saved

will help us do things that

we would otherwise do in future.

So, by saving time, we actually traveled into future.

Case Study –  Google:

Technology Company Google designed a very good search engine  for the search engine

 What happens when someone types in it

Google Search Engine predict the rest of the query,

Comb through billions of web pages,

Rank the sites, images, videos, and products found, and

Present with the very best results.

The entire process takes, in many cases, less than a tenth of a second – it’s practically instant.


So what Google is doing – Saving time for the world.

 To make internet faster,

 Google worked with the web community to

update standards like HTML and TCP/ IP

alongside core network protocols such as DNS, TCP, SSL, and HTTP, or

improving the speed of JavaScript.


So what Google is doing – Saving time for the world.

Not only that

Company  – Google says – Why is it okay for a web page to take five seconds to load?

There are 245 million internet users in the US, and if every one of them has to wait five seconds, we just wasted nearly 39 years of their time.

So, Company Google designed a faster web browser – Google Chrome.

 google-chrome logo

In January 2012, Google Chrome browser was six times faster than its first version and Google Chrome was just three years old.

 So what Google is doing – Saving time for the world.

 ‘Fast is better than slow’ has been a Google mantra.


So, what is the area of improvement for Google?

 Youtube logo

Problem Statement:

Few YouTube video shows ads and can’t be skipped or require 5 seconds to skip.  This is the problem.

 youtube ad

So, Can Google remove ads in YouTube video ?

The answer is yes and no.

Pre-Roll ads that appear before the video put users to wait and it should not happen.

However, few links appear in the video that are ads, can be continued.

Adapting the best practice:

The business model or revenue model for YouTube business needs to be changed/improved.

How many users do skip the ads and don’t  watch it full?

If the answer is more than 50% then

Stop such pre-roll ads

Some sources on the internet says it is above 94%.

Can Video be available without ads?

Answer is Yes.

YouTube competitor do not give ads and mention it on their homepage – No disruptive ads. There are certainly other ways to generate revenue.


Can user experience watching YouTube video without ads?

Answer is Yes but unethically.

Few adblocker software allow internet user to watch YouTube video blocking all ads stuff. Also provide stats for how much time saved.

Appeal to Google:

As an internet user, I have the right to say – Pre-roll ads in YouTube video wastes internet users time. There are 3.25 billion internet users which is 40% of the world’s population, and it is a waste of time to them.

By removing pre-roll ads on YouTube, the world can move into future and it may be few centuries ahead. What do you say?

Whatever fast network technology made, it cannot be faster than this change.

Centuries back, French guy Blaise Pascal thought on predicting the future and came out with Mathematics Probability.

 Blaise Pascal

Google used the same thing in their search engine – Autocomplete Prediction.

autocomplete prediction

Today, If I want the world to move into the future, and proposing this – So, I am not wrong.

 Your feedback matters…do write comments.


Internet Live Stats – Internet Usage & Social Media Statistics

Save Water – Green Week – IIT Delhi

Your Well Wisher Program conducted a workshop on Save Water at IIT DelhiCheck Details 

What design changes can save water? Can products be designed efficient to save water. For example, Wash basin should be foot controlled and can save water up to 70%. How it can be designed?

This video converted from ppt showcased in Green Week at IIT Delhi held on 22nd Aug 2015. Please share.

Quick Reading: Add blank space after 4 digits and limit para to 4 lines

Quick Reading - Add blank space after 4 digits and limit para to 4 lines

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Thanks indeed to Aamir Khan – Movie maker for Taare Zameen Par
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Malnutrition, Quit India – Few solutions proposed…

The video talks on Malnutrition problems and its cause. It says – For the first six months, the child should feed only on mother’s milk.

Working mothers find it difficult. Maternity leaves differ between Central Govt employees and Private Company Employees. 

Central Govt Employees Private Company Employee
Entitled to Six months paid maternity leaves. Entitled to 12 weeks paid maternity Leaves.

So, working mothers in private companies get less than six months maternity leaves. Thus, the child of working mother in private companies becomes malnutrition.

So, what may be the proposed solution for the working mothers in private companies?

Solution A : Raise Public Interest Litigation in High court/Supreme court and get amendments in existing Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. Private company employees should be entitled upto six months paid/unpaid whatever.

Solution B : A doctor can issue a letter to working mom for her employer to grant six months leaves. Most companies HR policies accepts doctor’s letter for granting leaves.

Solution C : Raise the matter in HR department in your company. Few companies HR policies have amendments to give six months maternity leaves to their employee. Refer this <Link>.

These proposed solutions are based on the best understanding. Let us know your thoughts. Your feedback may solve the malnutrition problem in India.

Thanks to Aamir Khan for Malnutrition Campaign.

Share it on this Happy Mother’s day – 10th May.

Other Interesting Reading – Click – Get Six Months Maternity Leaves Any where In The World

Your Well Wisher Program is No NGO setup, No big costs, No team formed, No copyright protected, No solution patented, individual effort in an – Attempt to solve commonly known problems.

Save Water – Add Overflow marker and Volume indicator in Water bucket

Save Water- Add Overflow marker and Volume Indicator in Water bucket

This is suggested design for a water bucket that should save water. Estimated 20% water should be saved with such design.

Adding Overflow Marker: A simple red line drawn in circular on the top of the water bucket defines the problem of water wastage on water bucket.

Margin Space left on top level of bucket and overflow marker line is actual and immediate water saved with this design. It may be 1 or 2 litre water that is directly saved.

‘No Overflow’ Label: A simple label but attempts to resolve the problem. It makes user responsible towards water use as well.

Volume Indicator: A simple scale for volume of water at different levels in water bucket. This volume value tells the user every time how much water is being used. The measure of volume helps in analyzing and helps in understanding water significance. It is expected that user will tend to use less water with such volume measure available.

Here, scale in design is not actual measure and may differ with product design.

Business Opportunity: Water Bucket Manufacturers can make more profits with such product design. At the same time, it solves global water crisis problem.

Any queries, feel free.

Check Water category on web site for more updates.

Save Water – Reduce Water Flow To Wash Basin

Save Water - Reduce Water flow to Wash basin

This is Revised version to past content – Water Saving Wash Basin Water Flow Optimization Project. The intent is to make it simpler and easier to understand.

This should be simplest and quickest way to save water around the world.  thanks.

Why should we do Charity, Lets invite Guru Nanak Dev ji

Why should we do Charity, Lets invite Guru Nanak Dev ji


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