Global Water Crisis //Part 2 (solution: No more leaky pipes)

Water is life. Let’s give another attempt to solve a commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis //Part 2

Leaky pipes or damaged pipes wastes water unnecessarily. Corrosion is one big reason for the damaging of the water pipes and painting the water pipes is the best practice to avoid or delay the corrosion.

Painting the water pipe is the poorly thought world wide practice in operations. The corrosion happens when the water comes in contact with the iron metal of water pipe. This water contact happen from the inside of the water pipe. But painting is made on the outer part of the water pipe. So, there is no benefit on stopping or delaying corrosion that happens inside of water pipe and it’s mere wastage of the painting solution.

So, what is the best practice to be followed or recommended?
Before installation of the water pipe.
Get the water pipes ready with the cut out dimensions. Pick pipe one by one. Close the one end of pipe with some tape etc. Dilute the paint solution in a container. Now fill it from the another end of pipe. Once it is filled, now take out the paint solution back into the container. This method will do a coating of paint inside the water pipe. Keep the water pipe in sun light for a day or two and then use it for installation.

Using this method of painting water pipe will extend the life of water pipe significantly and will save the water from damaged water pipes.

Do you know?

In 2009-2010 alone, the water industry in England and Wales leaked approximately 3.28 billion liters per day. Refer “Eight radical solutions for the water shortage” at

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