Risk of Pedestrian Road Accident with Silent car engines

Today, a car engine doesn’t make any noise and many automobile engineers may be happy on making silent car engines. However, with no noise it poses a risk of road accident for the pedestrians. A pedestrian does not get any alert if the car is approaching to him or not.

Car manufacturers may provide speakers on every door of the car. However, there is nothing available automatically to alert the pedestrian. Blowing horns is in the hands of driving and may be skipped at times.

Do you think if the car should have some musical noisy instruments at its corners? Will it save the life of anyone on the road?


Some domestic animals in the rural place are tied with the musical instrument. It helps in locating them or alert people on animal’s movement.

Action: While taking car from your apartment/colony, get down the window panes little, and play some song little high for children to know the car movement. The children are much at the risk.

Share it with your friends. Also, find how this can be implemented by the car manufacturer. Thanks

3 thoughts on “Risk of Pedestrian Road Accident with Silent car engines

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  2. Anybody who is partially blind relies on the sounds that cars make in order to safely cross certain roads, where there is no better means for traffic control. The sound that a car makes comes partly from its engine and partly from its tires rolling on the road. These sound can be reduced by cleaver design but when they are quieter there is a greater danger of pedestrian road fatalities. So all cars should be deliberately designed to have a sound producing nature when they are in motion. Some vehicles do have a special sound when they are moving backwards, so the idea is not so unusual or particular but it will save lives.

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