Mobile tower radiations took away Sparrows life; Pesticide in food is one consequence.


Sometime back, at the time of Tsunami, there was a fear of nuclear radiation in Japan. This fear of nuclear radiation to human lives had put altogether all brains to save the mankind. When the knife is put on the neck of man, he finds the way to save himself.

Few years back, when the mobile phones arrived in the world, there was a problem of mobile tower radiations but the impact was not much on human life. The mobile towers were put in the hook and corner of the world and their radiations were not much affecting to us and so no worry. The man realized mobile communication was a fancy thing.

I don’t have much detail on the entire picture but I see sparrows and many birds that have left the world just with the radiations hitting their life, the radiations coming from the mobile towers.

The sparrows and other birds started perishing. The sparrow’s egg laid were broken early with the heat from mobile tower radiations. It may be disheartening for sparrow parents to understand what was going wrong with the eggs and with the time all the population for the birds came under danger. But this danger soon became danger to mankind.

The following sequence of events occurred in the past:

1)    The product mobile arrived in the world.

2)    The mobile tower radiations impacted the life of sparrow/birds.

3)    The sparrows/bird perishing/endangered.

4)    The sparrow/birds used to eat some insects in the farming and agriculture.

5)    With no birds, the population of insects grown with no controlling mechanism.

6)    These insects start affecting the farming and agriculture.

7)    Sooner pesticides were used more dangerously to gain more grain from the agriculture.

8)    The pesticides and chemicals significantly caused health issues for the humans.

9)    With high dose pesticides in food, human life comes under danger.

The bollywood movie ‘Corporate’ speaks on how the pesticides issue in beverages happened in India and how it was politically tailored to the public/media.

Many medical problems are caused with the pesticides and the death certificate may mention – Death caused due to renal failure. Actually, the cause is different and remains unknown.

Now, what is the solution to the present situation?

It is not easy to find the solution. It is the need for the mankind survival and everyone needs to put his/her brains. Anyone may be lucky to find the solution. When man can solve the problem of radiations in Japan, he should be able to solve this problem as well. So, I am bit optimistic.

I believe technologies are good but should be for the good for everyone. The Mobile companies may understand technologies better and may find the solution much earlier but that is not for sure.

Recently, I heard about introduction of telephone based Farmer helpline service for the country India. What we are telling farmers to have a mobile phone to call on this helpline, and hardly understands requirement for the mobile tower installation in their village will cause the problem.

There may be other ways out to solve the problem of pesticides. However, bringing back sparrows to planet will be big win for the mankind survival.


There is someone in the world who can bring back sparrows. I don’t who. Share it on social media or talk to technologists and find how you can be good to the mankind. Thanks.

Fyi: I intentionally publish it on the day that is celebrated as World Sparrow Day – 20 March.

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