Respect the security guard and his work… but why?


Generally visiting any apartment or office, I used to wait for a while at the entrance.  I have to authenticate my identity to the person called Security Guard. I am bit more observant of the Security Guard and that observations lead me to respect the security guard.

Every security guard has a very pleasing gestures and etiquettes. They welcome with a greeting, and ask in a very respectful manner. I don’t understand some of the visitors don’t listen to what security guard is asking. Few visitors believe it is time waste to answer his questions or wait for a while.  I feel the job of security guard is bit difficult, struggling and go for long hour duty.

I don’t have to say but I see design of security guard room is more like a dog’s house. Most of the security guard rooms are very small sized with no comfort or mobility. Staying such place is far difficult for anyone. Many security guards don’t like staying in such place and place them outside the security guard room – staying under the tree makes it more sensible to them. I see few of the security guard room have air coolers so this may give happiness to them but very few have the water availability so the actual beneficiaries of cool air are very few.  The security room designer should think of humanity first and not what is demanded by humans.

Few things in the security guard room may improve his life. I see they have phone instrument belonging to 20th century. Advanced phone with display and speaker facility/headphone should be provided making it easy for attending the numerous calls. Additionally, a security guard should have a mobile provided by the owner. Every page in the multiple registers needs lines drawing for different columns. Few carbon papers layering on multiple pages will reduce their effort. Analogously, I see their registers as tables in databases and them as Database Administrator. I took an observation in their registers and recommended a change to my office colleagues. I saw there is a space spared before the column heading on each page. So, I suggested my colleagues to spare first 5 rows in Excel and keep the column headings at the row 6. The spare first 5 rows were then used for banners or dashboards. This helped the business significantly.

Sometimes, I like to say thank you to them but it will be hard for me to explain the reasons but over the years, I have started respecting them.

Action: Respect the security guard in the same way he does. Be patient during security checks/procedures. Observe others behavior with security guard in your office and/or in apartment. Talk about it in your community. Share it on social networking sites. Like it only if you mean it. Feel free to add your observations in comments or anything that is called thought.

15 thoughts on “Respect the security guard and his work… but why?

  1. My dad is a Security Guard in a very well known, public venue in London. I have to admit, having one as a father, i’ve certainly come to show more respect to any security people i meet, because it really doesn’t take a lot. It also strikes me (quiet selfishly) that my dad probably puts himself on the line most days by wearing his uniform and by just being a symbol of order and authority. He’s also a symbol of safety and help. He loves talking to people and they to him. So I make the time to do the same to any I meet. Even if they don’t smile back, I make sure they see i’m willing to let them do their job.

    What I don’t like is the conditions in which they work. Shift work isn’t the best anyhow and they always seem to be putting in overtime, but the offices are often cramped or non-existent. Luckily his company trains all staff to assemble efficent modes of data logging – my dad came top of his class *proud*. What a lovely thoughtful post.


    • I mentioned in the last “Sometimes, I like to say thank you to them but it will be hard for me to explain the reasons but over the years, I have started respecting them.” Can you articulate my thanks to your father…and very good to hear the mentioned facts from you…


  2. In our line of work we train security guards, we trained them also how to handle difficult customers and proper customer service. So clients will not only feel safe but will have a better customer experience in every site and establishment we have. Since the guards are usually the one who are the front liners they must be equipped with the knowledge and attitude to undergo a lot of pressure in their work.


  3. I think you bought up a really good point that we use also in yoga. Everyone should deserve the same respect as each other, whether they are a security guard, cleaner or manager. We are all connected in some way to each other whether we like to think so or not. If we treat people with disrespect we are in some way disrespecting ourselves.


  4. After reading your post, I have more respect for security guards than ever. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I even thought about it before now, but your poetic words about the plight of the security guard has manifested a new-found respect for the security guard. Another reason I have respect for them is, I don’t believe that is a job that anyone really wants. But these people have done what most of us will not….Kudos!

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    • I just checked it on Google with – ‘Respect security guard’, my work appears first.
      This seems an accomplishment, feeling proud… thanks for this update…


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