Get Six Months Maternity Leaves Any where In The World


Problem statement:

World Health Organisation recommends first six months exclusive breast milk whereas International Labour Organisation standard for paid maternity leaves is minimum 12 weeks and recommended 14 weeks.

Maternity leaves policy differ among all the countries.

Infant Mortality Rate can be improved with six months breast milk.

Paid Maternity leaves policy is followed as per International Labour Organisation standard. This standard was revised in 1952 and calls for a minimum 12-week leave although a 14-week leave is recommended.

Example of India:

Maternity leaves policy existed for 12 weeks as per Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. First six months breast milk is important for the child and it was evident with the Infant mortality rate trend. The policy makers in India understood the problem. So, Central Govt. employees were granted 185 days paid maternity leaves from the year 2008. However, still private employees are availing 12 weeks paid maternity leaves.

Request to update ILO standards for maternity leaves policy to 6 months will take time.

But without breaking policy, working mom can avail maternity leaves. 12 weeks paid and remaining unpaid maternity leaves. This will make the new generation and mankind safer and sustainable.

Your inputs/effort will be great to the mankind.

Reference link:–en/index.htm



5 thoughts on “Get Six Months Maternity Leaves Any where In The World

  1. Hi there, thanks for the like on my post regarding eating well on vacation. Your post above is interesting but it’s not clear to me where the graphic & the accompanying text to the right of it come from. It’d be helpful to cite the source where you borrowed it in order to give a bit more context to your argument…which I think is that every country should adopt a minimum 6 months maternity leave? Although I’m not sure if that’s what you’re saying?!


    • I selected the pic of the lady from the net, and for the content to the right i compiled myself. I did this in powerpoint and then took the screenshot, and thus make such pic. Other posts in my blog I do the same. It works well with taking attention. Yes, every country should adopt to 6 months minimum maternity leaves. And if it is not possible, even unpaid one should be acceptable. Here, I shared the trick to follow when you can’t change the policy. Hope it addresses your questions.


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