Many people don’t visit Restaurant for health reasons. This is a business opportunity.



Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

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This is a conversation of two chefs: John and Peter in a picture that looks for a business opportunity.

John: Look, I have plans for starting my own restaurant.

Peter:  There are so many restaurants in the market. You should have a brilliant concept!

John:  Many people don’t visit restaurants for health reasons. I will make my restaurant different to invite the people for health reasons.

Peter: It looks to be different. But I still have doubts.

John:  okie! Let me explain.

I will offer glass of water (not chilled) and a 5 minutes break before taking the order. This will help customer to order less items and eat optimal.  I will mention this fact in my menu card.

(Obesity is global epidemic and customer often makes bigger order in the restaurants than required. Water serves as nutrition to body and reduces hunger temptations.)

My menu card will suggest hand wash with soap before food intake. I will make hand wash facility bigger.  Further, I will hang a cartoon poster at the hand wash facility suggesting hand wash with soap a good habit.

(Most customers go for hand wash after the food in the restaurants but not before.)

I will offer no junk food. I will mention on the menu card that all fruit juice or shakes are made with real fruits.

(Fruit juice/shakes in most restaurants use syrups that are added with flavoring substances and chemicals as preservatives for making shakes/juices. By definition, syrup is a liquid made by cooking sugar with water and sometimes with fruit juice as well. So, this serves almost no nutrition.)

Peter: Wait Wait Wait! You have surprised me. I am very much convinced.

John:  So….

Peter: I read “health is wealth” and your business will make wealth from health. Let’s start the business.

John:  (smiled) Thank you Peter…



11 thoughts on “Many people don’t visit Restaurant for health reasons. This is a business opportunity.

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  2. thank you for he visit firstly , and secondly your post reminded me of my self i have this bad habit of drinking coffee before meals and after i wish if i can find that awesome healthy restaurant
    thank you for sharing much enjoyed


  3. Your business will be a hit if you offer organic pure foods and filtered pure water in your organic beverages~ I am a business promoter for better business but who will listen to those who know, probably nobody, so oh well. Organic food restaurants now in operation go against odds and don’t offer foods that most people are able to eat with the most common allergies, beginning with coconut tree nut allergies from the imposed and unknown till now source of GMO. Why I don’t like going out to eat in a restaurant, even when they serve organic foods, they cook with coconut oil which my entire family can’t eat, and almost every other thing on their menu offers similar unacceptable opportunities of eating and feeling well because of the soy, peanuts, and other things in the foods. It is not a safe happy eat out world for people with common allergies. Eating at home is our only option. Eating and going anyplace anywhere is a time to plan ahead and bring what we need or we don’t eat at all. Thank God for the grocery stores that offer organic simple pure foods without additives that make people sick. Allergies have been on the rise at a substantial rate, to the rate of and equivalent to the rise in GMO, I know first hand as I was duped into thinking natural was organic and good, but it was not. Now I am healing with my family and it is a slow process, but the GMO did it’s intended damages to us all, and now we are on track to a better life with better food. Still chemtrail pollutants get on most everything along with nuclear waste and it’s byproducts coming from San Onefre, Hanford, east coast nuclear energy failing facilities, and of course the infamous Fukushima waste fallout that has a seeming no end in sight still contaminating world people and food. Thank you for the opportunity of letting me share. Delete if you don’t like my post.
    I almost lost not only my own life time and again, but my family members to, whom I cherish more than I could ever say in words, right up next to my love of God himself. Thank you, again.


  4. Before you go a couple of steps ahead, a tip of friendly advice 🙂
    As a business idea, yours is great and healthful, but not helpful to draw so many customers in the competitive restaurant business (it is already saturated). Let me put it this way, if you tell a kid the same (we see every mom complaining about their kid is picky at dining table) he/she would not listen to your health lessons, rather if you add an attractive eye-catching still healthy food at table, it disappears into their mouths before you blink. Same applies to your customers. Think about it, as an adult, who knew already that restaurants would add many tasty, but not healthy, flavours to the food offered, but still is ready to eat such artificial/chemical flavoured food junk. Because they want to have a break from routine/boring life but not to read your health-tips filled menu nor follow. A healthful pamphlet would do the same job, not necessarily a restaurant menu. If you go to investor and ask money for your restaurant, you would see what their response is and how your idea should make a business to make enough money at least to operate your restaurant.
    Coming to an advice for aspiring entrepreneur, offer some thing better and compelling what other profit-craving restaurants are not offering. Some thing attractive but healthy.
    For instance, my restaurant would have menu showing small pic of food item with the nuitrition info of main ingredients like:
    -> Fresh garlic sprinkled oven-baked potato vedges
    –Your choice of white, red or sweet potato vedges sprinkled with freshly chopped garlic and freshly oven-baked. Garlic, a great natural remedy for cold, very helpful reduce weight and acne cleanser. Tip: Red-skinned potatoes are a better choice
    -> Your favee quasedilla
    — Oven baked (or Grilled) whole wheat tortillas filled with low-fat mozzarella cheese and your favourite choice of fillings. Fillings: Sliced geen/red/yello capsicum, red onion, grilled and sliced chicken breast, …. etc Tip: Dairy fat helps you get rid of bad fat. Whole wheat/grain is rich of omega-3, a good cholestoral booster and prevents blood clots.
    –> Irresistable Sandwitch
    — Made with whole grain bread slices and filled with your favorite fillings and olive-oil sprinkled and baked eggplant slices … Tip: Iron-rich Eggplant is a great helper to reduce weight and also a cancer fighter.

    Something like that. I would work with a nuitrition specialist and make an excellent eye-catching menu with igredients used and their helthful benefits.
    Create a nice restaurant environment while helping customers to choose their favourite fillings/ingredients/items still healthy (because my menu does not have any unhealthy/junky items at all). This works great with my kids too. When I say, my son and daughter that they make their own quasedilla or pizza with their choice of fillings or toppings (all are of my selected healthy fillers), they run to kitchen and make their own quasedilla (or pizza) with their choice of fillings and keep it for my cooking. Since all the fillings/toppings I gave them are of my choice, healthy list, nothing to worry about a bad choice and importantly they are happy of their picks 🙂 We both are happy 🙂

    About washing hands before dining, I would offer steamed napkins (as we see in (east) Indian restaurants) that would be more compelling and offer a cusomter to wipe/wash their hands before start eating. Otherwise such at-table convenience.
    The environment would be nice, friendly but walls painted with nice eye-cathing healthful tips and info. Something like that would work excellent and still be a money-making business .

    Anyways, all the best 🙂


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