My Name is Cockroach and I am not a terrorist

My Name is Cockroach and I am not a terrorist


5 thoughts on “My Name is Cockroach and I am not a terrorist

  1. Cockroaches. Not one of my favorite creature. It is said, it already exists in this world hundreds million years ago. I will keep moisture away from my bathroom. Thanks to your information.


  2. Your post made way for a little sympathy in me for cockroaches, despite the fact that I absolutely abhor them. Actually I’m scared of them. :\


    • Nice to hear it turns you to be little sympathetic.
      Cockroach looks may be scary to human, but they don’t mean to do that, and we should understand it.


  3. I’m not sure how much keeping moisture out of your bathroom helps. I have had plenty of cockroaches in every house I’ve ever been in, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Not to say they’re swarming everywhere, but they are there and there’s no getting rid of them. They’ve been around a LOT longer than we have (and the bug spray doesn’t always do them in either). I’d be happy enough to leave them alone if they would stay OUTSIDE, I’m sure they must be useful for something (other than freaking people out).

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