Prevent Crime: Full Time maid should be termed Slavery job

Damini pic
  • Movie Damini is about a lady Damini realizing men in her home gang raped poor maid and threatened Damini to shut her mouth as they were well respected family.
  • Damini struggles and fights for justice to rape victim with corrupt policemen, failed judicial system and non sense insensitive media system.
  • Legally, a 14 year old girl can be employed as full time maid and stay resident in urban home.
  • Full time maid is loaded with all big/small, hard/easy labor intensive job/task in urban home. Full time maid often harassed, beaten up for stupid mistakes and ill-treated/misbehaved.
  • Since full time maid is resident, there is no way for her to share, or report problem she faces. Further, men in urban home finds an opportunity to rape or gang rape her.
  • No law exists for preventing crime – harassment, violence or rape against full time maid.
  • Do you think full time maid job should be termed slavery job? Laws for Slavery may be good enough to prevent such crimes else let us know your suggestions.
  • Action: Your comments matter. Share with social media community.
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14 thoughts on “Prevent Crime: Full Time maid should be termed Slavery job

  1. However it is people who allowed this, it is not correct comportment at all. Maid considered or treat like slave should not be legal. In France it is forbidden for children to work under 16 years old. I correct myself a child can work at 14 but with lot restriction and not with à full Job that in France is 35h/week. I started working during summer or babysit at 16. But legislation is rude with people employing young so it is not used to have children working under 18 which is the legal majority in France.
    Slavery is used since ever but it is not fare at all.
    Thank you for sharing

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    • Bonjour,
      Your views confirms my views are correct, and so now I can raise it to the concerned authorities in my region – India. It was good to know for what is happening in France, it is of help indeed. regards

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  2. Well, I personally have an au pair and a domestic.
    Neither one of them lives in my home, but they are employed full time.

    I do expect my child to be well looked after and my house to be clean, but my demands are made clear through a well-written contract and concise verbal reprimands, not through any physical violence or any form of abuse.

    Both my au pair and domestic are paid quite a bit more than the legislated minimum wage.
    They are also paid before anything else gets paid in my home.
    They are treated more than generously in terms of leave (greatly in excess of the minimum legislated) and family responsibility.

    Some of that is because I believe people should be treated fairly (as I wish to be treated), but some of it is also self-serving – these people spend a large amount of time with my child and no number of nanny cams can mitigate that risk.

    In a country where unemployment is rife, I actually think that, rather than condemning the domestic worker sector as paid slavery, there should rather be incentives like tax breaks for employing domestic workers. I can promise you that working for me, or for many other people, is nothing like slavery. My employees and their children are fed and clothed – which is a lot more than I can say about the majority of people in this country.

    The problem is not the existence of the domestic worker sector – it is that the domestic worker sector is not large enough. A couple of years ago, people still employed two or three domestics. Now because everyone is cutting down, one domestic worker is pretty much the maximum. This leads to increasing isolation and the lack of demand and oversupply of labour leads to people being willing to accept working conditions that are akin to slavery…


  3. A post long due!
    We are ALL slaves. Slaves. Slaves to a corporate world. Nobody seems to resent that. Our families, our free time, our wishes, our desires, our spirituality are all decided by and manipulated my corporate entities. Eight or more hours our our day are spent making corporate “houses” rich, while our own homes and families are sacrificed. Money rules! Money will buy us things but never love or life.

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  4. There was a recent article about an abused Indonesian maid for a Hong Kong business lady. The maid was subjected to a terrible conditions such as she was only allowed one meal a day and having an activated vacuum tube stuck in her mouth causing lacerations.


  5. I am against keeping any full time maid. Doing my work myself is always better. Also I will not prefer keeping any children of education age in any work. But it is not feasible in all household. I do not agree with your opinion that men in urban homes are ready to find an opportunity to rape their maid. By saying this you have made all urban men potential criminals, a stereotype that is not only sexist, shows your hatred for men, oh yeah may be towards yourself.

    You said no law exists for preventing crime. You have not realized what you have asked for. Do you want a law that states, you are on internet for five hours so you are a potential rapist or you had nightfall last night, so you may rape your neighbour kindda laws? Please think before you suggest or raise concern about something.

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