Remove the Air Quantity in Pasteurized Milk Packet, Lets invite Louis Pasteur



louis-pasteur-wikipediaNote: This post was earlier says Reduce Air; and is update to Remove air. It is updated accordingly.

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Louis Pasteur pic I won Nobel Prize for inventing Pasteurization. Apart from that I showcased that

  • For sterilized and sealed flasks, no micro-organisms developed.
  • But for sterilized and open flasks, micro-organisms developed.

And this won me Alhumbert Prize from French Academy of Sciences.

Today, Sterilized milk packets are vacuum packets but pasteurized milk packets have air inside. This air is responsible for contaminating pasteurized milk sooner.

Removing air quantity in milk packet should minimize contamination activity, and thus milk will have extended life before turning sour.

Milk packets mention 3 days time for expiry, but with no air quantity, the same milk packet will mention 5 days or 7 days time for expiry.

Half litre milk packets can easily be discontinued. Good time for Milk Distribution should help in reduced price for consumer.


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