Simplest way to Save Water in the World

Problem Statement:

Even today  – A water tap is a poorly designed product.

Generally, water taps are flowing with high volume of water than required.

 water tap throwing more water

Water tap with high flow

 water_tap with required wate

Water tap with required flow

If Water Tap turned to max speed then

                 If Water Volume in one minute is greater than 6 liters then

                                    Water tap has a defect.


Water tap should not flow more than 6 liter water in a minute. Thus saving water.

Past action:

Earlier, Water tap outlet was hallow and no restriction to water flow. Thus wastes water.

Water tap hallow







So, with the time, aerator added on the outlet space of water tap.


Aerator is a kind of net that restricts the flow of water.

Further, air occupies space that restrict the flow of water – allowing air bubbles.

The purpose of aerator is to reduce the water flow up to 40%. Hence save water.


Unfortunately, this aerator is not reducing the water flow but increasing the water pressure.

That is the defect in the water tap design.

So, how to find the solution?

Proposed Solution 1:

Defect correction:

Either change the design water tap to reduce the volume of water flow.

Water tap design comparison

Such water tap exists. But changing existing water taps will be costly and time consuming. And not many will be interested to change existing taps.

What else?

Proposed Solution 2:

Is it possible to reduce water flow to water tap without any cost?

It means it has to be done without changing the design of water tap. Right?

If water tap exists on wash basin then

            If knob below wash basin connecting to water tap exists then

                        Action: This knob needs to turn little to reduce water flow.


Illustration as follows: Save Water – Reduce Water Flow To Wash Basin

Save Water - Reduce Water flow to Wash basin

Give a Measure: From 9 liter to 6 liter

Before Change:

Measure actual volume on maximum volume of water in a minute. Don’t be surprised if it is 9 liters or more.

After Change:

Reduce the flow so that maximum volume of water should be 6 liters in a minute.

If lesser is possible and agreed to the user, go for it. The idea is to optimize it.

So – it may save 3 liters or more. Or it’s 33% or more saving of water at washbasin. That’s a good count. Hurray!!

Salient feature of this Save Water tip:

  • Zero cost.
  • 2 minutes to do it.
  • No skills required.
  • No device/equipment needed.
  • Feasible everywhere

Let’s summarize it as follows:
A simplest way to save water in the world with no cost as follows:

  • Step 1: At a washbasin – Just turn water tap maximum and measure total volume of water in a minute. That’s around 9 liters or more.
  • Step 2: There is a knob below every wash basin.
  • Step 3: Turn it little to reduce water flow.
  • Step 4: Water tap maximum volume of water in a minute should be equal to 6 liters or near it.

So, you save water 33% or more at the wash basin with no cost, time, or much effort.

This makes it to be the Simplest way to Save Water in the World and it comes with no cost.

Computation: Annual Saving on one Tap

  • 3 Litre x 10 minutes in a Day x 365 days in a year = 10,950 litres water saved
  • Market cost of 1 Litre water Bottle is Rs. 20.00 (In India)
  • So – Cost of 10,950 Litres X 20 = Rs 2,19,000.00 (Rupees Two Lac Nineteen Thousand Only)

Appeal: Please do this change in your home/ offices/ shopping malls/ hotels everywhere in the world. Thanks

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101 thoughts on “Simplest way to Save Water in the World

  1. The article is very detail oriented. If people implement it in their house, they will be able to save water a lot more. I am terrible at maths but I am able to get an idea about what you are trying to imply. I am loving your level headed approach. Hope to read lot of articles by you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmm – needs some thought about what people use tap water for. If you need a bucket of water for mopping the floor then this is just going to add time to the task because it would take longer to fill the bucket.

    Liked by 1 person

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