Iron Rich Diet for Woman Empowerment

Iron Rich Diet for Woman Empowerment
Movie Dear Zindagi: The actress finds many problems in her  life and could not understand what should she do.

She attends Counselling sessions to get the answers to her problems.

The counsellor (actor), an unconventional thinker, attempts to solve problems with  story telling sessions, and with some good real life examples.

It helps the actress to know the cause of the problems and gains a new perspective in life.

Let us assume – Woman has more problems than Man. So any reasons –

  • Medical Fact: Hemoglobin range for Woman is 12.0 to 15.5 whereas for Man it is 13.5 to 17.5.
  • Less Hemoglobin means less Iron in blood. In General, Iron in Woman is lesser than Man.
  • Iron is an important nutrient for brain.

Solution: If Woman adds Iron Rich Diet and attempts hemoglobin > 13.5 then

                                      Better Thinking >> Better Decisions >> Lesser Problems

As per WHO, Iron Deficiency is the most common and widespread Nutritional disorder in the world.

Your Well Wisher Program - Attempt to Solve commonly known problems

Thanks indeed to Dear Zindagi Movie writer/director – Gauri Shinde

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WHO Iron Deficiency Fact
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