Your Well Wisher Program is No NGO setup, No big costs, No team formed, No copyright protected, No solution patented, individual effort in an Attempt to solve commonly known problems.

Attempt to solve commonly known problems….

Lets give a refresh thinking on the commonly known problems. There is no intent to describe the problem, but lets speak on the solution(s) and share with everyone. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind has to survive.


Bring clarity to the well educated people.

A doctor is a well educated person. He says, “Prevention is better than cure”. Ironically, most doctors stay in their clinics and hospitals and work on just cure. Let me quote what Thomas Edison stated. “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” But what Thomas Edison stated has not yet happened.

It is not doctor doing things wrong intentionally but he lacks clarity. So, the strategy is to bring clarity to the well educated people and thus meet objective – attempt to solve commonly problems.

How it works:
We will pick commonly known problems, write some solution(s), target/contact the subject matter experts.  We request your comments/feedback on the solution as it will give better understanding and draw line of action.

How you can support us:
Check Volunteer Page. Share our solutions on social media.  Don’t forget to like us on  www.facebook.com/YourWellWisherProgram for receiving certain updates etc.

For any session/workshop as part of CSR activity in your organization/institution (Location Delhi – India) send in your interest at yourwellwisherprogram@gmail.com.

Credentials – Conducted workshop at IIT Delhi on Save Water.

Neeraj Kapoor
New Delhi – India

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209 thoughts on “About

  1. just thought i’d visit a bit to thank for liking my poem ‘whole’ on 20 Lines today. all the love sent the poem to the top of my ‘your favorites’ list on my blog, that’s never happened before in 2 days….so thank you again.

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  2. I like your project, I like your idea, but you loose me when you suggest this has to happen thru Facebook. Sorry but I will continue to value the little privacy I still have as long as I am alive. Offering Facebook as the vehicle or the function provider, is like believing doctors can operate as preventative medicine educators and solution givers, while big business pharmaceutical corporations dangle the financial benefit carrot at the average doctor on the one hand and apply their lobby type financial pressure on governments on the other. Too bad you are not able to come up with a better alternative, because you do have a worthy undertaking. JJ

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    • I mentioned “The people who will be instrumental to my objective will be invited to be part of a secret group created on the Facebook.”. It will not be visible to anyone to see in search and check the content. Perhaps, its like only the members can add the other members in the group created in fb. So, it keeps the content among the members of fb private among themselves. hope it addresses your question.


      • Yes, but I will not for any reason enroll with the likes of Facebook or Twitter or any other of the commercial enterprises who would have access to what is left of the content of our privacy. That means organizations the like as well who make their money trading on our privacy without paying for it. JJ

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  3. Hi,
    Very interesting ideas! I just started to read your blog and i’m impressed by what i found so far. I also wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog and for liking my latest post (“Too late…much too late”). Keep up with the good work here!

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  4. Your Edison quote kicks butt so fiercely that I see truth on the floor and the ceiling!

    Congratulations. You are RIGHT.

    I’m chest bumpin’ my phone, that was so on! I’ve been in so many damn hospitals and watched the AMA do its thing. Doctor has become the new “cartoon mortician” following you, hoping you have ills. Its so S&M.

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  5. Thanks for stopping by and liking what I wrote. I looked through your entries and am not real sure if I understand your project. I think you are offering odd solutions or at least little thought of solutions to some perceived problems. If I have got that right, great. But how are you going to move from the blog talk to the implementation? Relying on a groundswell of people to pressure politicians will take forever if it ever works. Unless you can create and reach a critical mass in a short period of time such as Change.org sometimes achieves. Otherwise you are just creating frustration among those who learn of the problem and can do nothing.

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    • I write some different solutions and contact subject matter expert, and look for the implementation.
      My first post on Water crisis solution got published by US NGO. Implementation done later. Chk http://wp.me/p3dJz1-8K.
      My post ‘Risk of Pedestrian Road Accident with Silent car engines’ was liked by Toyota USA, and they accepted to implement it with Pedestrian Alert system in their future cars. But one thing i can understand is that I should add one page on achievements, i think that will help people realize it’s benefits. regards


  6. Glad to meet you 🙂
    Thank you so much for following my Blog. I will appreciate your future visits and opinions on my thoughts.
    May Allah bless you and your loved ones , and give you strength to achieve your targets. ameen

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  7. A most innovative concept! It is very refreshing to see someone taking positive steps into solving problems. I commend you on your ingenuity…very inspirational! Thank you for visiting my blog and for liking the poem “When a Morning a Comes.”

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