Your Well Wisher Program is No NGO setup, No big costs, No team formed, No copyright protected, No solution patented, individual effort in an Attempt to solve commonly known problems.

Attempt to solve commonly known problems….

Lets give a refresh thinking on the commonly known problems. There is no intent to describe the problem, but lets speak on the solution(s) and share with everyone. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind has to survive.


Bring clarity to the well educated people.

A doctor is a well educated person. He says, “Prevention is better than cure”. Ironically, most doctors stay in their clinics and hospitals and work on just cure. Let me quote what Thomas Edison stated. “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” But what Thomas Edison stated has not yet happened.

It is not doctor doing things wrong intentionally but he lacks clarity. So, the strategy is to bring clarity to the well educated people and thus meet objective – attempt to solve commonly problems.

How it works:
We will pick commonly known problems, write some solution(s), target/contact the subject matter experts.  We request your comments/feedback on the solution as it will give better understanding and draw line of action.

How you can support us:
Check Volunteer Page. Share our solutions on social media.  Don’t forget to like us on  www.facebook.com/YourWellWisherProgram for receiving certain updates etc.

For any session/workshop as part of CSR activity in your organization/institution (Location Delhi – India) send in your interest at yourwellwisherprogram@gmail.com.

Credentials – Conducted workshop at IIT Delhi on Save Water.

Neeraj Kapoor
New Delhi – India

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209 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your idea of getting interested people to work together to discuss and solve problems…with a vision of them forming companies to bring ideas to fruition.

    Your “Strategy” though, “Bring clarity to the well educated people” causes me a problem. I’m sure you meant well, but Edison would have it out with you as to who these people are. Anyway no need to cause ill will or divisions with unnessary words. Those who love to solve problems know who they are and they will be attracted to your site like followers to TED TALKS.

    Great idea. I wish you and your followers all the best, Neeraj!

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  2. Interesting concepts, Neeraj. I wish you well in all your endeavors in these projects. We need more positive out-of-the-box thinkers. Thanks for visiting my site. I appreciate you stopping by. 🙂

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  3. Firstly thanks for visiting and following my blog. I am most grateful to you.
    Secondly; I really like yours. I found it interesting and it quickly drew me in.
    I shall be returning to view more and re- thinking some of my own pre-conceptions about life!
    Take care

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  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked it.
    I agree we need new ways of looking at things. I am interested to see what your ‘well educated people’ come up with.
    IMHO, I think the educational system is itself a large part of the problem. I think the first thing that needs to happen is that more people open their minds and stop paying so much attention to what the so-called authorities tell them.
    Good luck.

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  5. Thank you for your visit, likes and kind words about my posts and for following my blog :)! I also really appreciate your advice too regarding my blog’s settings and am looking forward to learning new ideas from your posts :)! With many thanks and best wishes, Meliza

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  6. Hi there…. you recently sent me the following inquiry on the community pool site but I couldn’t reply from there. I want to thank you for advising me of such, and absolutely NOT, my site does’t have that type of content. I was mortified. I went and reset my securing settings. I guess I was allowing anything through and recently I was receiving comments from weird blogs. I’m guessing it was through that. I went and trashed it all. Thank you again and hope you can now see my blog from your office. Keep me posted. And loving your blog site here. I too am a true believer in clarity as prevention. I’ll continue to browse. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot here.

    ywwp SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 AT 12:24 AM
    could not open your site from my office, it says porn content. is it so?

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  7. Hey, thanks for liking my post, it made me curious and I am glad I discovered your blog. It makes a lot of sense to me, so, hey, here’s your new follower! I wish you all the best (and I surely will try out your idea of the open-air aerobics, so simple and true!)!

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  8. Great about page. As you say we have a common vision. The only way to change the world is to change people’s thinking from negative to positive. That will be followed by positive action and positive results. If this is what you are talking about I perfectly agree with you because this is my life purpose. Journeying together as we are already doing is the way to success.

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  9. Your about page reminds me about the time when I started my mission back in Uganda. Uganda has so many problems that are hard to solve. I wanted people to value love and be responsible to each other, because I could see that people not caring about each other caused a lot of problems. I had a new way of thinking about how to solve human problems.

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    • Good to read your thoughts, becoming responsible to each other is a big problem. It is bit logical if things are limited and people needs are high, they will fight with each other rather becoming responsible.
      I will be checking with my company for supporting Congo -its world’s poorest country … i will check if it may accommodate funds for Uganda. All the best to me.


      • I ready feel your support from your comment. Your comment is full of encouragement and kindness. I agree with you, when times are hard people can fight instead of helping each other. That’s why I’m writing my blog. I want to share stories that remind people of their own desire to help.

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  10. New approaches to anything are beneficial. Problem solving even moreso because you’re directly addressing something.

    It seems misunderstanding causes the most problems of anything. It’s unfortunate there isn’t a quick fix to willful ignorance.

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  11. It is a pleasure to know you. I had to stop by your ABOUT page as you intrigued me. I have been blogging for years and got hacked several times. It’s a shame. I love to help inspire others. I admire your blog and techniques. Thanks for stopping over at my blog and if you want to suggest my talents in writing I would love it or an opinion on my blog. Bless you kind friend, Jackie ~~

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    • I will check your blog – and will provide my inputs to help you. I may further like you to check my volunteer page, and see where you can be of help to me.
      Reading your comments suggest you own a good heart. Thank you for writing – and cheers.


  12. I just came be to thank you for the like comment. This is the first I have heard of your group.It sound like a positive approach to every day problems . Taking it to a higher level.It is one thing to recognize a problem. And a a greater thing to seek solutions. Ultimately doing something is the goal. I will keep in touch . Maybe at some point I will be able to be of some help. Thanks again.nick

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  13. Your website is so beautiful and simple, not too tacky and my heart felt happy to see desaind your website look, wonder no more and no doubt I to negikuti your website, especially your post contains information – useful information, yet many citations I knew before and I now know 🙂
    If you please please follow me on website 🙂
    and how do you respond to my website

    Thank you very much in advance I thank you

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    • thank you so much of your kind words, i make an honest attempt and that’s how it appears. I will check your website and will provide the feedback.regards


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