Your Well Wisher Program – March 2013

The tag line for ‘Your Well Wisher Program’ is ‘Attempt to solve the commonly known problems’.  Let’s find what commonly known problems addressed and what we have achieved so far.

My first blog post speaks on the solution for Global water crisis// Part 1, and received appreciation by the US based NGO working on water awareness: The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group. I credit my sincere thanks to Raphael Weisman, the great man heading The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group for recognizing my work.

It is really tremendous start for my work that it gets republished at The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group’sofficial blog:

Note: The proposed solution requires some expertise from mechanical engineering discipline and it is still in theory.

My blog post titled ‘Risk of Pedestrian Road Accident with Silent car engines’ proposes on what car designers should do to reduce pedestrian road accident.

Apart from blogging, I discussed it with few car manufacturers worldwide. Do you know what? The proposal is accepted and well appreciated with Toyota Motor Sales, USA.

This is the mail content received from Toyota customer care:

Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc.

Your feedback regarding your desire to see a pedestrian alert system on our vehicles is appreciated as it is through communications such as yours that we become aware of our customers’ expectations and reactions. It also provides us with valuable insight when planning and developing future products and services to increase our customers’ satisfaction.

My blog post titled ‘Wasting 30% of the pencil length is a problem’ asks children to find the solution using their creativity.

Apart from blogging, I asked the solution with STAEDTLER known for the largest European manufacturer for wood cased pencils.

STAEDTLER confirmed the solution is the pencil holder and one of its subsidiaries in Japan has such product available. Further, STAEDTLER has forwarded suggestion to their marketing department. I liked it.

I looked at the product that was available in Japan at the following link (provided by STAEDTLER):


I felt if I can design it or make it. I failed on first few and then come up with the success.

I hold the nut in the plier and rotate at the end of the pencil to give spiral shape.  I found upper part of Reynolds Metallica pen matches with the spiral shape design on pencil end. I rotated the pencil end to the upper part of Metallica pen and it fitted and locked with it very fine.

The below items are required to make this happen, I already did and want you to discover.

You need four things: Nut, Plier, Metallica pen and pencil.


When successful, send it’s pic and your experience to I will share it on my Facebook page: If you will not do it, I will have to do it, but I am making it easy for you. Isn’t it?

I believe this method will make better usage of the pencil and further reduce the cost. It may be easily adapted and using such method will fill the seeds of creativity and conservation importance in the child.

It is good time to make claims: this product methodology will make it the most economical pencil in the world.

So friends, it is the journey that begins. Thanks.

Mobile tower radiations took away Sparrows life; Pesticide in food is one consequence.


Sometime back, at the time of Tsunami, there was a fear of nuclear radiation in Japan. This fear of nuclear radiation to human lives had put altogether all brains to save the mankind. When the knife is put on the neck of man, he finds the way to save himself.

Few years back, when the mobile phones arrived in the world, there was a problem of mobile tower radiations but the impact was not much on human life. The mobile towers were put in the hook and corner of the world and their radiations were not much affecting to us and so no worry. The man realized mobile communication was a fancy thing.

I don’t have much detail on the entire picture but I see sparrows and many birds that have left the world just with the radiations hitting their life, the radiations coming from the mobile towers.

The sparrows and other birds started perishing. The sparrow’s egg laid were broken early with the heat from mobile tower radiations. It may be disheartening for sparrow parents to understand what was going wrong with the eggs and with the time all the population for the birds came under danger. But this danger soon became danger to mankind.

The following sequence of events occurred in the past:

1)    The product mobile arrived in the world.

2)    The mobile tower radiations impacted the life of sparrow/birds.

3)    The sparrows/bird perishing/endangered.

4)    The sparrow/birds used to eat some insects in the farming and agriculture.

5)    With no birds, the population of insects grown with no controlling mechanism.

6)    These insects start affecting the farming and agriculture.

7)    Sooner pesticides were used more dangerously to gain more grain from the agriculture.

8)    The pesticides and chemicals significantly caused health issues for the humans.

9)    With high dose pesticides in food, human life comes under danger.

The bollywood movie ‘Corporate’ speaks on how the pesticides issue in beverages happened in India and how it was politically tailored to the public/media.

Many medical problems are caused with the pesticides and the death certificate may mention – Death caused due to renal failure. Actually, the cause is different and remains unknown.

Now, what is the solution to the present situation?

It is not easy to find the solution. It is the need for the mankind survival and everyone needs to put his/her brains. Anyone may be lucky to find the solution. When man can solve the problem of radiations in Japan, he should be able to solve this problem as well. So, I am bit optimistic.

I believe technologies are good but should be for the good for everyone. The Mobile companies may understand technologies better and may find the solution much earlier but that is not for sure.

Recently, I heard about introduction of telephone based Farmer helpline service for the country India. What we are telling farmers to have a mobile phone to call on this helpline, and hardly understands requirement for the mobile tower installation in their village will cause the problem.

There may be other ways out to solve the problem of pesticides. However, bringing back sparrows to planet will be big win for the mankind survival.


There is someone in the world who can bring back sparrows. I don’t who. Share it on social media or talk to technologists and find how you can be good to the mankind. Thanks.

Fyi: I intentionally publish it on the day that is celebrated as World Sparrow Day – 20 March.

Wasting 30% of the pencil length is a problem

Google Science Fair is opened for the children in the age group 13 – 18. Give a task of creativity to the eligible children in your community or contacts. Let’s inspire the young generation for their creativity and innate capabilities!


Not to throw 30% of pencil length just because it is not able to hold in hand for writing.


Pencil’s Lead is toxic for environment. Wood part in the pencil is sourced from trees.

Line of Action

There are many ways to meet the objective. Let the child discover his creativity.

Example: Let the child find which part of the pen can be fitted to the 30% of the pencil, so that it can be utilized fully.


Thinking on something new will open the child’s innate capabilities. Help the new generation in applying for Google Science Fair or any other such competitions. Appreciate every thought!

It is very simple to say that it is a task of teachers or parents.

In case, you are sharing it on social networking or liking it, you still are instrumental to the objective.


Global Water Crisis //Part 3 (Solution: Four Marble Theory for saving water)

Water is life. Let’s give another attempt to solve a commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis //Part 3 (Solution: Four Marble Theory for saving water)

Generally, a tap at wash basin is turned high for the hand wash. It is hard for anyone to tell, please slow down the water flow. There are knobs at the bottom of all the wash basin which
can be rotated to slow down the flow of the water. It may be a good way to save water, however, some people won’t like it. Some people may argue for not adapting to it.

I see an observation. While hand wash if there is something struck on the outlet of the wash basin, water starts collecting in the wash basin. Seeing the level of water going up in the
wash basin, the person moves the tap to slow down the water flow. This action is a reflex action. It means the person is doing it involuntarily and there is no thought on saving water. But
it saves water. How about utilizing this reflex for saving the water.

Lets keep four marbles in the wash basin outlet. These four marbles will level up the water in the wash basin. The person will slow down the water and that’s where it will save the water. I call this solution as Four Marbles Theory for saving water. Instead of marbles, non soluble stones can be used, but I used here marbles as it good looks.

It may reduce water wastage by near to half at the wash basin.

Let me tell you a real story that may support the practicality of this theory.

Once upon a time, few senior executives of a company sat together to find how they can increase the sale of their product – Toothpaste.

A peon came to serve the tea to all the executives and understood on what they are talking. He made his thought, and said, “How about widening of nozzle/cap of the toothpaste tube?”.
This idea was disregarded by the executives. They then keep on brainstorming to find the solution. Do you know what was concluded? The idea given by the peon. It was implemented by the company and sales was up for the product. This happened in the commercial market of India.

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In case, you share it on facebook and let me know the concluded response in the comments section. You can also enter your thoughts in the comments. In case you see this theory don’t work, you have to find what change will make it a success. thanks.

Global Water Crisis //Part 2 (solution: No more leaky pipes)

Water is life. Let’s give another attempt to solve a commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis //Part 2

Leaky pipes or damaged pipes wastes water unnecessarily. Corrosion is one big reason for the damaging of the water pipes and painting the water pipes is the best practice to avoid or delay the corrosion.

Painting the water pipe is the poorly thought world wide practice in operations. The corrosion happens when the water comes in contact with the iron metal of water pipe. This water contact happen from the inside of the water pipe. But painting is made on the outer part of the water pipe. So, there is no benefit on stopping or delaying corrosion that happens inside of water pipe and it’s mere wastage of the painting solution.

So, what is the best practice to be followed or recommended?
Before installation of the water pipe.
Get the water pipes ready with the cut out dimensions. Pick pipe one by one. Close the one end of pipe with some tape etc. Dilute the paint solution in a container. Now fill it from the another end of pipe. Once it is filled, now take out the paint solution back into the container. This method will do a coating of paint inside the water pipe. Keep the water pipe in sun light for a day or two and then use it for installation.

Using this method of painting water pipe will extend the life of water pipe significantly and will save the water from damaged water pipes.

Do you know?

In 2009-2010 alone, the water industry in England and Wales leaked approximately 3.28 billion liters per day. Refer “Eight radical solutions for the water shortage” at

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Global Water Crisis //Part 1

Water is life. Let’s attempt to solve a commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis //Part 1

Water tap is a poorly designed product. It runs unnecessarily and wastes water. It is difficult to manage water tap when both the hands are busy washing each other. Also, water tap does not allow cleaning hands. The person opens the tap with dirty hands, wash it with soap, and then closing the tap means dirt from tap can again come back to the cleaned hands. The two problems are addressed with motion sensitive taps. It may be liked by many but it again does not meet requirement of common man. The pricing of the technology is far difficult to manage for the common man. So, there is a need to design simple product and at the price where common man can manage.

Look at the Tailor’s sewing machine in your near market. The tailor sits on a chair, and then use his feet to manage the mechanics of sewing machine. Hands are free from managing the mechanics and sewing the cloth becomes much easier. Similarly, now think for making a wash basin. The person sits on a chair, and then uses his feet to manage the flow of water from the tap; uses one feet for controlling the soap dispenser. Hands are free from managing the water tap and soap dispenser. Now, Hand wash with soap becomes much easier and hygienic. This product design will not only meet the objective but will extend many other benefits –

1)    Water is not wasted.

2)    Hands are not touched to tap

3)    Hands are not touched to soap dispenser

4)    Highest hygiene

5)    Better wellbeing

6)    Pricing of the product for the common man etc

Let’s be practical. The design needs a prototype (working model) and rather designing it and showing it, it was thought to find something similar to it on the internet. Luckily, it was available on Internet. The paddle based hand wash is designed and is in use in Africa.  The product might miss patenting the design and so could not went into our homes.

The existing product is a prototype and is working as a success. The existing product can be improved with the mechanics of sewing machine. This new product will definitely solve the commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis and do much more. Don’t you think so?

Link for prototype:

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