Can French MNCs Help World’s Most Poorest Country – D.R. Congo?

  • World’s poorest country is Democratic Republic of Congo and is Largest country in the world having French as an official language.
  • There are 71 million people in D.R Congo vs 65 million in France.
  • Second Congo War beginning in 1998 has devastated the country.
  • This war was deadliest conflict in the world since World War II.
  • Can French MNCs may outsource work to people of D.R. Congo and generate revenue?
  • Can hiring D.R. Congo skilled/unskilled labour at some other country/region will be of help to both parties?
  • Can French MNCs’ Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives be directed to help/fund this country poor people?

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Prevent Crime: Full Time maid should be termed Slavery job

Damini pic
  • Movie Damini is about a lady Damini realizing men in her home gang raped poor maid and threatened Damini to shut her mouth as they were well respected family.
  • Damini struggles and fights for justice to rape victim with corrupt policemen, failed judicial system and non sense insensitive media system.
  • Legally, a 14 year old girl can be employed as full time maid and stay resident in urban home.
  • Full time maid is loaded with all big/small, hard/easy labor intensive job/task in urban home. Full time maid often harassed, beaten up for stupid mistakes and ill-treated/misbehaved.
  • Since full time maid is resident, there is no way for her to share, or report problem she faces. Further, men in urban home finds an opportunity to rape or gang rape her.
  • No law exists for preventing crime – harassment, violence or rape against full time maid.
  • Do you think full time maid job should be termed slavery job? Laws for Slavery may be good enough to prevent such crimes else let us know your suggestions.
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Directly pay more or do charity to poor needy people around you…

Kick-Directly pay more or do charity to poor needy people around youReference: Double Toned Milk offers better nutrition than Toned/Full Cream Milk

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Design Mic from Water Pipe – Innovation

Making video is a challenge as audio quality is always poor. Here, I tell you how anyone can make a mic from water pipe, and then making a video with good audio quality is easier.

Hope you like it.

Double Toned Milk offers better nutrition than Toned/Full Cream Milk

Double Toned VS Full Cream, Double Toned has
– Almost 1/2 energy level (it is good)
– 1/4 Fat
– Same level of Carbohydrate, Protein, Calcium
– 30% less price

Double Toned VS Toned Milk, Double Toned has
– Almost 1/4 energy level (it is good)
– 1/2 Fat
– higher level of carbohydrate, Protein, Calcium
– 10% less price

Nutritional Info and price for two brands Amul and Mother Diary (India’s leading milk brands) given below:

  Energy Fat Carbohydrate Protein Calcium Price
Full Cream 86.4 6 5 3.1 108 48
Toned Milk 57.8 3 4.7 3 102 38
Double Toned Milk 45.9 1.5 5 3.1 108 34


Mother Dairy
  Energy Fat Carbohydrate Protein Calcium Price
Full Cream 89 6.2 5 3.3 134 48
Toned Milk 59 3.1 4.7 3.1 127 38
Double Toned Milk 47 1.5 5 3.3 134 34

Data collected from Packets. 

Exclusion: Study for Skimmed milk not done. Only two brands studied.

Conclusion: Go for Double Toned Milk.

Readers advised to check Nutritional info for their Milk brand and make an informed decision.

Judging the book by cover for Book Jugaad Innovation


This Post is written for Daily Prompt: Binding Challenge

Few Years back, I read the book Jugaad Innovation. And yes, I made my sense to judge the book by its cover.

In fact, I was influenced by the title and subject of the book.

Reading this book cleared my prejudices, and I was able to think better.

My book review published by publisher on its blogging site and it inspired me further. Read>>.

I realized my passion was Innovation.

Secret: This book plays a significant role and importance in the making of this blogging site – Your Well Wisher Program.

Let me admit my sense to judge the book by cover went in flying colors.

My special thanks to the author of the book: Navi Radjou, Simone Ahuja, Jaideep Prabhu.

Do Miracles happen, Let’s invite Blaise Pascal

Do Miracles happen

Pensees Book Link:


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein

Other readings: “Do God Exists or not, lets invite Albert Einstein to speak on it” at

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