Save Water with Short Hair

For Hair Wash activity,

  • [Woman with Short hair] needs less water compared to [Woman with long hair]
  • That’s, estimated 100 buckets of water by one woman in a year
  • Or About 2000 litres of water by one woman in a year

Short Hair means shoulder length or little more.

This solution can easily be adapted for the world to solve – Global water crisis problem.

Working Example:

Cape Town has water restriction of 50 litres of water per person per day.

Do you know Women in Cape Town are requesting salon owners or hair stylists to give them short hair cut? Just to save water

You can confirm it by checking this site

The site clearly mentions this
Salon owners and hair stylists are noticing an increasing number of women are getting shorter cuts, a request, they say, that is a response to the crisis.


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Reducing Air Pollution is Your Responsibility


Air pollution due to vehicle emissions cause several deaths.


Get vehicle readings from odometer on your vehicle’s dashboard. This will tell how much you have driven your vehicle.


The Circumference of Earth taken from Equator is 40,000 km and so how many rounds of Earth you have traveled so far?


You very well know the ways to improve and it’s time for practical.


Frequently evaluate your vehicle’s odometer reading and give a sincere effort on improvement.