Corona Prevention with Elbow operated Taps

  1. Prevention is better than cure but most doctors stay in their clinic/hospital  and work on just cure.
  2. Preventive tests are way for early detection but not prevention. Confused?
  3. Thomas Edison stated “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
  4. Lets give a try on Corona  Prevention –
  5. Washing hands with soap is a good prevention. Still corona is happening.
  6. Before washing hands, we open the tap with dirty hands and then after washing hands… we again touch the tap to close it. 
  7. At that time we again make our hands dirty.
  8. If we use elbow to operate the tap and then wash our hands. Will it not be good?
  9. Either we can do so with our existing taps or have our tap design changed.
  10. Elbow Taps are specifically designed to operate with elbow.       
  11. You may see Elbow tap in operation theatre… where doctors use it to wash their hands.

The cost of Elbow operated Tap is less than the Doctor consultation.

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Save Water – Green Week – IIT Delhi

Your Well Wisher Program conducted a workshop on Save Water at IIT DelhiCheck Details 

What design changes can save water? Can products be designed efficient to save water. For example, Wash basin should be foot controlled and can save water up to 70%. How it can be designed?

This video converted from ppt showcased in Green Week at IIT Delhi held on 22nd Aug 2015. Please share.

Many people don’t visit Restaurant for health reasons. This is a business opportunity.



Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

This post has been specifically written in response to DPchallenge: Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words


This is a conversation of two chefs: John and Peter in a picture that looks for a business opportunity.

John: Look, I have plans for starting my own restaurant.

Peter:  There are so many restaurants in the market. You should have a brilliant concept!

John:  Many people don’t visit restaurants for health reasons. I will make my restaurant different to invite the people for health reasons.

Peter: It looks to be different. But I still have doubts.

John:  okie! Let me explain.

I will offer glass of water (not chilled) and a 5 minutes break before taking the order. This will help customer to order less items and eat optimal.  I will mention this fact in my menu card.

(Obesity is global epidemic and customer often makes bigger order in the restaurants than required. Water serves as nutrition to body and reduces hunger temptations.)

My menu card will suggest hand wash with soap before food intake. I will make hand wash facility bigger.  Further, I will hang a cartoon poster at the hand wash facility suggesting hand wash with soap a good habit.

(Most customers go for hand wash after the food in the restaurants but not before.)

I will offer no junk food. I will mention on the menu card that all fruit juice or shakes are made with real fruits.

(Fruit juice/shakes in most restaurants use syrups that are added with flavoring substances and chemicals as preservatives for making shakes/juices. By definition, syrup is a liquid made by cooking sugar with water and sometimes with fruit juice as well. So, this serves almost no nutrition.)

Peter: Wait Wait Wait! You have surprised me. I am very much convinced.

John:  So….

Peter: I read “health is wealth” and your business will make wealth from health. Let’s start the business.

John:  (smiled) Thank you Peter…



Global Water Crisis //Part 1

Water is life. Let’s attempt to solve a commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis //Part 1

Water tap is a poorly designed product. It runs unnecessarily and wastes water. It is difficult to manage water tap when both the hands are busy washing each other. Also, water tap does not allow cleaning hands. The person opens the tap with dirty hands, wash it with soap, and then closing the tap means dirt from tap can again come back to the cleaned hands. The two problems are addressed with motion sensitive taps. It may be liked by many but it again does not meet requirement of common man. The pricing of the technology is far difficult to manage for the common man. So, there is a need to design simple product and at the price where common man can manage.

Look at the Tailor’s sewing machine in your near market. The tailor sits on a chair, and then use his feet to manage the mechanics of sewing machine. Hands are free from managing the mechanics and sewing the cloth becomes much easier. Similarly, now think for making a wash basin. The person sits on a chair, and then uses his feet to manage the flow of water from the tap; uses one feet for controlling the soap dispenser. Hands are free from managing the water tap and soap dispenser. Now, Hand wash with soap becomes much easier and hygienic. This product design will not only meet the objective but will extend many other benefits –

1)    Water is not wasted.

2)    Hands are not touched to tap

3)    Hands are not touched to soap dispenser

4)    Highest hygiene

5)    Better wellbeing

6)    Pricing of the product for the common man etc

Let’s be practical. The design needs a prototype (working model) and rather designing it and showing it, it was thought to find something similar to it on the internet. Luckily, it was available on Internet. The paddle based hand wash is designed and is in use in Africa.  The product might miss patenting the design and so could not went into our homes.

The existing product is a prototype and is working as a success. The existing product can be improved with the mechanics of sewing machine. This new product will definitely solve the commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis and do much more. Don’t you think so?

Link for prototype:

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