Get Like Button on Each Post on WordPress Homepage

Get Like Button on Each Post on WordPress Homepage

Dedicated to my WordPress readers, followers and visitors. Every Like matters and will inspire wordpress blogger community.

Action: Do the change in your blog settings – Reblog – and Share with other wordpress bloggers too.

Design Mic from Water Pipe – Innovation

Making video is a challenge as audio quality is always poor. Here, I tell you how anyone can make a mic from water pipe, and then making a video with good audio quality is easier.

Hope you like it.

Reducing Air Pollution is Your Responsibility


Air pollution due to vehicle emissions cause several deaths.


Get vehicle readings from odometer on your vehicle’s dashboard. This will tell how much you have driven your vehicle.


The Circumference of Earth taken from Equator is 40,000 km and so how many rounds of Earth you have traveled so far?


You very well know the ways to improve and it’s time for practical.


Frequently evaluate your vehicle’s odometer reading and give a sincere effort on improvement.

Wasting 30% of the pencil length is a problem

Google Science Fair is opened for the children in the age group 13 – 18. Give a task of creativity to the eligible children in your community or contacts. Let’s inspire the young generation for their creativity and innate capabilities!


Not to throw 30% of pencil length just because it is not able to hold in hand for writing.


Pencil’s Lead is toxic for environment. Wood part in the pencil is sourced from trees.

Line of Action

There are many ways to meet the objective. Let the child discover his creativity.

Example: Let the child find which part of the pen can be fitted to the 30% of the pencil, so that it can be utilized fully.


Thinking on something new will open the child’s innate capabilities. Help the new generation in applying for Google Science Fair or any other such competitions. Appreciate every thought!

It is very simple to say that it is a task of teachers or parents.

In case, you are sharing it on social networking or liking it, you still are instrumental to the objective.