Your Well Wisher Program – March 2013

The tag line for ‘Your Well Wisher Program’ is ‘Attempt to solve the commonly known problems’.  Let’s find what commonly known problems addressed and what we have achieved so far.

My first blog post speaks on the solution for Global water crisis// Part 1, and received appreciation by the US based NGO working on water awareness: The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group. I credit my sincere thanks to Raphael Weisman, the great man heading The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group for recognizing my work.

It is really tremendous start for my work that it gets republished at The Santa Fe Water Awareness Group’sofficial blog:

Note: The proposed solution requires some expertise from mechanical engineering discipline and it is still in theory.

My blog post titled ‘Risk of Pedestrian Road Accident with Silent car engines’ proposes on what car designers should do to reduce pedestrian road accident.

Apart from blogging, I discussed it with few car manufacturers worldwide. Do you know what? The proposal is accepted and well appreciated with Toyota Motor Sales, USA.

This is the mail content received from Toyota customer care:

Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc.

Your feedback regarding your desire to see a pedestrian alert system on our vehicles is appreciated as it is through communications such as yours that we become aware of our customers’ expectations and reactions. It also provides us with valuable insight when planning and developing future products and services to increase our customers’ satisfaction.

My blog post titled ‘Wasting 30% of the pencil length is a problem’ asks children to find the solution using their creativity.

Apart from blogging, I asked the solution with STAEDTLER known for the largest European manufacturer for wood cased pencils.

STAEDTLER confirmed the solution is the pencil holder and one of its subsidiaries in Japan has such product available. Further, STAEDTLER has forwarded suggestion to their marketing department. I liked it.

I looked at the product that was available in Japan at the following link (provided by STAEDTLER):


I felt if I can design it or make it. I failed on first few and then come up with the success.

I hold the nut in the plier and rotate at the end of the pencil to give spiral shape.  I found upper part of Reynolds Metallica pen matches with the spiral shape design on pencil end. I rotated the pencil end to the upper part of Metallica pen and it fitted and locked with it very fine.

The below items are required to make this happen, I already did and want you to discover.

You need four things: Nut, Plier, Metallica pen and pencil.


When successful, send it’s pic and your experience to I will share it on my Facebook page: If you will not do it, I will have to do it, but I am making it easy for you. Isn’t it?

I believe this method will make better usage of the pencil and further reduce the cost. It may be easily adapted and using such method will fill the seeds of creativity and conservation importance in the child.

It is good time to make claims: this product methodology will make it the most economical pencil in the world.

So friends, it is the journey that begins. Thanks.