Save Water with Short Hair

For Hair Wash activity,

  • [Woman with Short hair] needs less water compared to [Woman with long hair]
  • That’s, estimated 100 buckets of water by one woman in a year
  • Or About 2000 litres of water by one woman in a year

Short Hair means shoulder length or little more.

This solution can easily be adapted for the world to solve – Global water crisis problem.

Working Example:

Cape Town has water restriction of 50 litres of water per person per day.

Do you know Women in Cape Town are requesting salon owners or hair stylists to give them short hair cut? Just to save water

You can confirm it by checking this site

The site clearly mentions this
Salon owners and hair stylists are noticing an increasing number of women are getting shorter cuts, a request, they say, that is a response to the crisis.


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Simplest way to Save Water in the World

Problem Statement:

Even today  – A water tap is a poorly designed product.

Generally, water taps are flowing with high volume of water than required.

 water tap throwing more water

Water tap with high flow

 water_tap with required wate

Water tap with required flow

If Water Tap turned to max speed then

                 If Water Volume in one minute is greater than 6 liters then

                                    Water tap has a defect.


Water tap should not flow more than 6 liter water in a minute. Thus saving water. Continue reading

Save Water – Green Week – IIT Delhi

Your Well Wisher Program conducted a workshop on Save Water at IIT DelhiCheck Details 

What design changes can save water? Can products be designed efficient to save water. For example, Wash basin should be foot controlled and can save water up to 70%. How it can be designed?

This video converted from ppt showcased in Green Week at IIT Delhi held on 22nd Aug 2015. Please share.

Save Water – Add Overflow marker and Volume indicator in Water bucket

Save Water- Add Overflow marker and Volume Indicator in Water bucket

This is suggested design for a water bucket that should save water. Estimated 20% water should be saved with such design.

Adding Overflow Marker: A simple red line drawn in circular on the top of the water bucket defines the problem of water wastage on water bucket.

Margin Space left on top level of bucket and overflow marker line is actual and immediate water saved with this design. It may be 1 or 2 litre water that is directly saved.

‘No Overflow’ Label: A simple label but attempts to resolve the problem. It makes user responsible towards water use as well.

Volume Indicator: A simple scale for volume of water at different levels in water bucket. This volume value tells the user every time how much water is being used. The measure of volume helps in analyzing and helps in understanding water significance. It is expected that user will tend to use less water with such volume measure available.

Here, scale in design is not actual measure and may differ with product design.

Business Opportunity: Water Bucket Manufacturers can make more profits with such product design. At the same time, it solves global water crisis problem.

Any queries, feel free.

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Save Water – Reduce Water Flow To Wash Basin

Save Water - Reduce Water flow to Wash basin

This is Revised version to past content – Water Saving Wash Basin Water Flow Optimization Project. The intent is to make it simpler and easier to understand.

This should be simplest and quickest way to save water around the world.  thanks.

Water Saving Wash Basin Water Flow Optimization Project

Water Saving Wash Basin Water Flow Optimization Project


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Global Water Crisis //Part 3 (Solution: Four Marble Theory for saving water)

Water is life. Let’s give another attempt to solve a commonly known problem: Global Water Crisis //Part 3 (Solution: Four Marble Theory for saving water)

Generally, a tap at wash basin is turned high for the hand wash. It is hard for anyone to tell, please slow down the water flow. There are knobs at the bottom of all the wash basin which
can be rotated to slow down the flow of the water. It may be a good way to save water, however, some people won’t like it. Some people may argue for not adapting to it.

I see an observation. While hand wash if there is something struck on the outlet of the wash basin, water starts collecting in the wash basin. Seeing the level of water going up in the
wash basin, the person moves the tap to slow down the water flow. This action is a reflex action. It means the person is doing it involuntarily and there is no thought on saving water. But
it saves water. How about utilizing this reflex for saving the water.

Lets keep four marbles in the wash basin outlet. These four marbles will level up the water in the wash basin. The person will slow down the water and that’s where it will save the water. I call this solution as Four Marbles Theory for saving water. Instead of marbles, non soluble stones can be used, but I used here marbles as it good looks.

It may reduce water wastage by near to half at the wash basin.

Let me tell you a real story that may support the practicality of this theory.

Once upon a time, few senior executives of a company sat together to find how they can increase the sale of their product – Toothpaste.

A peon came to serve the tea to all the executives and understood on what they are talking. He made his thought, and said, “How about widening of nozzle/cap of the toothpaste tube?”.
This idea was disregarded by the executives. They then keep on brainstorming to find the solution. Do you know what was concluded? The idea given by the peon. It was implemented by the company and sales was up for the product. This happened in the commercial market of India.

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In case, you share it on facebook and let me know the concluded response in the comments section. You can also enter your thoughts in the comments. In case you see this theory don’t work, you have to find what change will make it a success. thanks.