Design Time Machine that takes the world into future


Designing a technology or a system that takes the world into the future… 


To make technology or a system that saves  time or lot of time

and so whatever time saved

will help us do things that

we would otherwise do in future.

So, by saving time, we actually traveled into future.

Case Study –  Google:

Technology Company Google designed a very good search engine  for the search engine

 What happens when someone types in it

Google Search Engine predict the rest of the query,

Comb through billions of web pages,

Rank the sites, images, videos, and products found, and

Present with the very best results.

The entire process takes, in many cases, less than a tenth of a second – it’s practically instant.

So what Google is doing – Saving time for the world.

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Can we move into future with the help of Google?

I believe Google has the strategy and technological capabilities that can allow people to go into future. Read this letter sent to Google that speaks on.

——————Letter Starts here————————-

Hello Google,

I am writing because I sense the problem and may be it can help you and save time for the mankind.

Google did a fantastic job in making a product Google Chrome. The speed is really amazing and it was a gift to mankind. There are 245 million internet users in the US, and if every one of them has to wait five seconds, we just wasted nearly 39 years of their time.

Google recently planned to build an ultra-high bandwidth fiber network in Kansas City (both Missouri and Kansas), giving its citizens internet access that’s more than 100 times faster than most Americans enjoy today.

This again makes me happy to know. Now what is the problem?

When I watch a youtube video, it shows sometimes an ad for either 5 seconds or more, sometimes no choice for skipping.  This is something contradictory to the above facts. I see it is a loss of time for the mankind.

In case you want to draw money, there is a way. If I want to copy a part of video and if it is copyright protected, I still should be able to pay some money to the video owner and upload the video on my youtube page. This money transaction should be executed by youtube service and this will make video owner earn money, the others to use the video for the way they like to use, and give some transaction brokerage to youtube or say Google.

The above trick will solve the problem of third party content violation, and further save the time of ads that is the loss to the mankind.

I want to go into future but youtube ads is becoming hindrance.

Refer facts mentioned from this link:

No Operating system version of Microsoft started in 5 seconds in spite of Intel making high end processors. It is more than 17 years. I also see it is a big mistake – innocent or intentional I don’t care.

Benjamin Franklin never wasted time on patenting any innovation. He stated Time is Money.

—————————–Letter Ends here———————————————-

The letter is not say Google is doing it wrong intentionally but innocently and further this letter demonstrates the personal view. Thanks.