Prevent Crime: Full Time maid should be termed Slavery job

Damini pic
  • Movie Damini is about a lady Damini realizing men in her home gang raped poor maid and threatened Damini to shut her mouth as they were well respected family.
  • Damini struggles and fights for justice to rape victim with corrupt policemen, failed judicial system and non sense insensitive media system.
  • Legally, a 14 year old girl can be employed as full time maid and stay resident in urban home.
  • Full time maid is loaded with all big/small, hard/easy labor intensive job/task in urban home. Full time maid often harassed, beaten up for stupid mistakes and ill-treated/misbehaved.
  • Since full time maid is resident, there is no way for her to share, or report problem she faces. Further, men in urban home finds an opportunity to rape or gang rape her.
  • No law exists for preventing crime – harassment, violence or rape against full time maid.
  • Do you think full time maid job should be termed slavery job? Laws for Slavery may be good enough to prevent such crimes else let us know your suggestions.
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