Save Water with Short Hair

Taapsee - before and after

For Hair Wash activity

  • [Woman with Long hair] needs more water 


  • [Woman with Short hair] needs less water

[Woman with Short hair] saves

  • 30% water or more
  • About 2700 litre water by one woman in a year.

Short Hair means shoulder length or little more.

Applicable to [Woman with Long hair] in the world.

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Simplest way to Save Water in the World

Problem Statement:

Even today  – A water tap is a poorly designed product.

Generally, water taps are flowing with high volume of water than required.

 water tap throwing more water

Water tap with high flow

 water_tap with required wate

Water tap with required flow

If Water Tap turned to max speed then

                 If Water Volume in one minute is greater than 6 liters then

                                    Water tap has a defect.


Water tap should not flow more than 6 liter water in a minute. Thus saving water. Continue reading